Terere in Paraguay


Terere in Paraguay

Terere is delicious!  El terere is an especially popular yerba mate preparation method in Paraguay, Brazil, and northeastern Argentina.  Terere is basically the yerba mate tea prepared with ice cubes, ice water, and fruit, fruit juice, sweeteners, or herbs.

Terere Advantages

  • A cool, refreshing hot weather drink that tastes so good!
  • No need for heating up water.
  • Can use juice for the most combinations of nutrients and flavor, while still extracting nutrients from the Yerba Mate
  • Extracts more polyphenols from the yerba mate than the hot water method.
  • Less steps than the Traditional Method, unless you are fresh squeezing your juices!

Terere Disadvantages

  • Cold water does not extract as many of the stimulant properties and some nutrients as hot water methods, though the cold water actually extracts 2.5 times more of the healthy polyphenols.
  • When prepared using a cup instead of a yerba mate gourd, even less nutrients are extracted.

This video explains more about Terere, or you can continue reading below.

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